I have had a longstanding interest in atopic eczema in children and am well aware of the disruption the condition can cause to family life.

Many standard treatment approaches are not only time consuming but are also difficult to apply and maintain.  I have developed a simple treatment method that is both readily applied and easy to maintain with good results and extremely low side-effect risk.  This cost-effective treatment incorporates comprehensive practical lifestyle advice as well as the use of appropriate cream mixtures made up of readily available medicaments.

I would like to bring the benefits of this treatment to a larger number of children via this on-line service than could otherwise be achieved through traditional consultation.  However, should you prefer a face-to-face consultation you may make an appointment at either the Garden Hospital, Hendon, London NW4 1RP (020 8457 4500), or Spire Hospital, Bushey, Watford WD23 1RD (0845 603 9090 or 020 8901 5555).

Face-to-face consultations are held from May to October.  My fee for a face-to-face consultation carries a different fee structure to my on-line service.

The treatment can be tailored to suit adults.  Please note that this treatment is not suitable for patients with Psoriasis.

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